Saturday, June 27, 2009

Current Favorite Linkys

I've stumbled upon some new favorite linky and thought I would share: - awesome blog from a shepard in the NE. Love seeing the lambs and the process....she also runs a yarn CSA - very cool - cool masking tape. because who wants the boring stuff! - these are just too stinking cute! - I don't visit this site often enough, but when I do, I'm always impressed with everything she has here! - I've loved Penzeys for the last few years and they've become my go-to source for wedding presents. I understand the whole registry thing - but usually I tend to know the people whose weddings I'm heading to - so if I know they like to cook - I turn to Penzeys spice crates for them. and I'm in love with the whole wall decal thing. At the next house, for sure. - who doesn't love striped PJ's?

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