Saturday, June 13, 2009

Holy smokes!

Time flies. I thought it had only been a week or two since my last post - but almost a MONTH?

So - major updates. Joe's brother is officially in remission! Woot woot! Excellent news from the bone marrow biopsy....his numbers are continuing to improve - so this is a huge step for him.

The permit process is trucking along very slowly - we're moving into the start of the 4th week they've had the paperwork. But, we got the financing and construction loan squared away prior to my last TDY trip, so we're ready as soon as they approve everything.

Oh, yeah - TDY trips! I was at Norfolk Naval Shipyard for a few days last week - it was an odd trip - I traveled on a Thursday - worked Friday, had the weekend off and then the meeting continued on Monday and Tuesday. The meeting went well - it was a "Rapid Improvement Event" - and the time was crunched town way too much. The group of us ended up staying till at least 5pm all three days.

I opted to fly into National Airport in DC and then drive to Norfolk - because I am an Alaska Airlines fiend and wanted to earn my miles! :-) It would have been perfect - except for the weather. Ugh - major thunderstorms, hail and apparently a tornado watch somewhere. Fortunately, I was oblivious to most of this as I had satellite radio in my car and just kept on driving! :-) It took about 4 hours to get down there - and it wasn't the most relaxing drive I've ever had. I stopped for Chick-fil-a on the way....mmmm....I really do enjoy their sandwiches! Especially with the excellent hot wing sauce.

I stayed in Portsmouth, VA (where the shipyard is) for my trip - and it was pretty nice. A fair amount with in walking distance for eating. You can tell that the area is still in the process of gentrification - so it'll be neat to see it in another few years....

Till later!

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