Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid-week joy!

So, I started this on last Friday when I was stuck in Indianapolis for a night, but blogger gave me an error, so I'm just getting to this now.

So, my Econ class is over - except for my final. And it was a rough week. Put in a lot of time at night on class stuff - both our group case study and then problem sets / reading to prepare for the daily quizzes. My cohorts and I were fairly antisocial this time due to the workload, but it was good to see all of them again. But - I'm exhausted and was really looking forward to getting home tonight to sleep in my own bed with Joe and the furkids. I guess tomorrow will have to do.

Property update: we have an address! Sweet! And, the permits approval process is ticking along. Only one or two more items to go until our building permits are approved. And - new update (as of the 22nd) - we have the environmental review approved. Now we just have the final plans to go. I'm really hoping we'll be building come mid-July.

My travel plans have relaxed for the next couple of months - but all the trips are being shoved into September, which is not ideal at all since I'm essentially taking October off.

Otherwise, there's not much going on. It's nice to be home. Joe has been sick since Sunday and took the first couple of days off this week due to a fever. It hasn't hit me yet - and I'm hoping it stays away - especially since Joe has this cough that reminds me of my bronchitis last year. Ugh - that hurt a lot. Sabot and I have walked a couple nights this week and it's been a treat - the wild blackberries are just starting to ripen and he's had a feast on these walks. I'm looking forward to a trip to the farmers market this weekend - I think it's cherry season as well and there's nothing like bing cherries from the NW!

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