Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pluses and Deltas

Pluses from this past week:

1) Hop Stoopid beer. Seriously good - not bitterly hoppy - but yummy sweet fruity hoppy. Good stuff.
2) My boss being out on a project for 2 months. Seriously awesome news...a carrier guy is coming to fill in for him - I told the boss when he gets back, we'll look like carriers. he thought I was kidding.
3)We have an address for the house and the environmental permit done - only one more (final plans!)
4) The weather here was wonderful. Not too hot, not too cold. I don't think we've had the heat on in the house for almost a month.
5) Scallops....mmmm....
6) Blackberries getting ripe - our walks with Sabot are significantly longer now that we stop and eat blackberries for at least the first half of the walk.

Deltas from the week:

1) Joe was sick. But, he's feeling better now - mostly.
2) One of our airlines for our Europe trip is having some financial difficulty. Hope they pull through because the ticket was cheap, the timing was decent and I don't want to hassle with the physical planning aspect anymore. I just want to figure out the sights, restaurants and fun things.

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