Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up!

We had a great weekend here - Joe got lots done today in the yard and the weather was fantastic. We ate out on the porch yesterday...very yummy dinner of a corn and radish salad with BBQ chicken - homemade BBQ sauce. The sauce was way better than what I've bought in bottles - and it was super simple. The recipes are from "Good Food Fast" - one of the Martha Stewart cookbooks I've started turning to in a pinch. We also had part of a bottle of Prosecco with dinner...I liked this nice dry fizzy Italian wine more than Joe did... Yesterday also rocked because we finally went swimming with Sabot in the quarry near us.

For years we've talked about doing this, but we finally planned appropriately and the water was warm enough that we dove in. It was really cute - when both Joe and I were in the middle of this quarry - Sabot felt compelled to be out there with us. I think he swam more yesterday than any other time....since it was so deep, though, we kept a good eye on him so he didn't wear himself out.

Finally - pictures from the Pouslbo property. These are from when we were actually doing work up there, so they're almost two months old. The first photo is taken from the driveway looking into the property. The house will be behind the fire that you can see on the very edge of the photo. The second is taken from back behind that other fire looking back toward the driveway. Hopefully this week we'll get moving on the other stuff. I'm anxious to have more than a half dug hole in the ground.

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  1. You and I need to start recipe swapping... Or I just need to start stealing some of yours...