Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good things!


1) An approved building permit! Sweet - finally took a polite call at week 8.5 to move it along - maybe. Or, maybe it was just at the top of the stack. Nonetheless - it's approved and we're moving along. I'm picking up the permit tomorrow and will be meeting the builder at the site to go over any questions.

2) Filipino food - we went to a birthday party at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle yesterday (pictures soon!) and had lechon (whole roasted pig), ube (taro) cake and all kinds of other goodies like pancit, lumpia and mochi. Mmmm....Joe was even very daring and tried a lot of the food. Not shockingly - he loved the lechon.

3) The weather here has been rocking! A little two warm for no heat pump, but great anyway.

4) Selling all kinds of extra stuff....garage sale last week, selling books at half price books, Joe listing lots of stuff on craigslist. Awesome!

No deltas for now... :-)

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