Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo catch up!

Wow - what a week here. We had very unusual temps - over 100 one of the days, setting an all time high temperature record for Seattle. Plus, the nights didn't get all that cool. It made for a fun week for us, the dog and everyone. Fortunately, we work in air conditioned buildings, the house stayed sort of cool (88 degrees at its warmest) and it's all over! The computer is upstairs at home, so I think I spent maybe 5 minutes a day on the net from Sun- Wed. Blech.

Catching up on photos from recent events.....

Lovely photos from a wedding we went to in Oly. We had a great time - hot weather, on a lake, open bar and very relaxing. Oh, and they had pierogis too! Mmmmm....costco pierogis met the taste test of a Polish grandmother - so they must be good! :-)

Lovely flower centerpieces too - we took one of these home and it lasted for over a week - love the peony and rose combo!

Ah, yes - and the Mariner Moose! I hadn't worn my sox jersey in....11 years? And finally had an occasion where it was ok to wear it...

View from Golden Gardens park in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle. We finished the day with a stop at Trophy Cupcakes, Elysian Brewing (on Capitol Hill) and Old School Custard. All AWESOME stuff.

We stayed cool here by floating the Satsop last weekend with great friends from work. It was refreshing and wonderful! What a great way to spend a hot day. I wished each and every day this week that I was out on the river again.

Plans for this weekend? Tomorrow we have friends coming over for dinner - our favorite butcher has opened a Lacey store, so NY strip streaks and / or T-bone tails are on the menu! Plus, Sunday we're planning on heading up to the property, looking at some used stuff that we need to buy (a carport for wood and a rototiller) and getting something done so we can get the house built.

Vacation planning is in full swing here. 66 days till Joe and I leave - and we're buying tix for tours, planning meals and thinking about strudl in Prague.....mmmm....
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