Saturday, August 29, 2009

Old pics....good memories

I recently decided to take all the negatives we've been saving for the last ump-teen years to Costco so they could be converted to digital format. We had no idea what was on that film - and we knew that we had lost or misplaced stuff along the way - although our intentions were to save it all.

What we got back has been such a treat to go through. Photos from when we first met in college, through college, two trips to Seattle (one for me and one for Joe), wedding stuff, honeymoon, vacations, random photos of Yankee when she was a kitten, etc, etc. I've been enjoying going through the 1400 some odd pics in the last week - trying to get them all sorted out and put into the right pukas. With those pics are a LOT from when I was in Hawaii in 2000 for 3.5 months and Joe came out there for a month. So, his honeymoon - as I always like to remind him.

I remember taking the top one with my mom as we were driving along the pineapple plantations. I hadn't ever recalled (and still can't think of another instance) where I saw a full rainbow in such a perfect spot - and it's really set off my the clouds behind it. That island circle tour was one of those things that I ended up doing any time someone new came to the island - and then at least once or twice on subsequent trips for work. Needless to say - I've circled Oahu quite enough! My favorite spots are still along the north shore - away from the people, the craziness, the retails stuff and the hotels.

Joe and I made it a point to go to a luau while we were there - ended up going to Paradise Cove because a) it was on the ocean and b) they served really weak drinks during the whole dinner / show. I also ended up doing this whenever people came to visit, but I enjoyed the food so much (oh, that yummy pig!) that it made it all good. It was a good show and by the last time I went with Mike and his friend Mike - we actually knew one of the hula dancers - she was the daughter of one of my hula instructors. It was a small island! :-)

I think Joe and I lucked out to have such a good day to walk to Manoa falls. I remember reading that a lot of the other falls on Oahu had been closed by mudslides, etc - and that this one was just a short hike into the forest. It was great - the walk was mosquito filled, but we walked through a section of bamboo forest as well as mangoes and other fruits. The water was cool, but not super cold. Unfortunately, the two pics we have of us are a little shaky - there was a guy there who wasn't too adept with the camera, as I recall. But, it was a nice hike and our car was safe on the way out - always a plus!

Finally, the ever present honu pics. Joe and I must have had really good luck with finding the sea turtles, because I remember that there were at least 3 of them on this occasion - and we didn't go out too far past the coral at Haunama Bay. We learned a trick after the first few times - go super early in the AM before all the tour buses started to do their loop around the island. Once all those crowds got there, it was a zoo. People standing on the coral, splashing around (which deters the fish) and just being pains. But, it was gorgeous.
Taking the time to snorkel here was always fun and a relaxing way to spend a few hours. We also ended up doing a loop (yes, another island loop) stopping at various spots along the way around. Chinaman's Hat, bellows AFB and shark's cove were all nice stops.

I guess I've been pretty fortunate to have had so long to spend in a vacation spot - and then have 4 other trips there as well. But - it's just not as special as this first trip where I had friends on the island and it was like I was really living there and not just visiting.

I'm definitely all up for going back over there - and Kauai is on the top of my list. Maybe eventually! :-)
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