Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poor Blog....prepping the land

My poor blog has been so neglected lately. Joe and I have been off working on the property, seeing the Yankees and just doing a lot of work in general. So, posting has taken a backseat to other priorities.

Here's pics from a few weeks ago - we were responsible for all the site prep - including prepping for the utilities, etc. So, we had our excavator dig the trench and we took care of all the conduit, water pipe and then filling the trench back in. Joe determined that a small utility tractor type thing with a bucket and backhoe were appropriate since we own so much of this work.
This trench was just over 200 feet long - so it took a while to fill it back in. We almost have another driveway!

This was a total 2 person job to get the conduit / water pipe laid! Both Joe and I were pushing and pulling on that black PVC pipe for the hose fittings. Sheesh! And we were just about pros at the conduit by the time we were all done...anyone hiring? :-)

No more trench!

Posted by PicasaThis week, the contractor has been out there doing the forms for the footings and foundation and then next week they should have the concrete poured by Friday. We headed out there last weekend to pick up the truck and they had some initial forms up - we were eyeing everything up and it's finally starting to settle in. Needless to say, the garage appears quite large!
The next month is really going to see some good progress, hopefully! By the end of september, we should have framing done and trusses up...more pics to follow!
And, we're about 30 days away from our vacation and I can't wait. Joe and I have been practicing Italian on the drives home from work....slow but sure! Every time the tape has us answering "Yes, I would like...." - I keep saying "Oui" instead of "Si"... but, my ear is getting more tuned to the language and I'm (as always) understanding more than I can say. As long as I can order coffee, find the airport and find the bathroom - I'll be good to go!
We've already managed to plan our next vacation too - Mont Tremblant! It also involves a day in Montreal prior to skiing - so I'll get to use that high school french I've long since forgotten.

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