Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally for some fun!

Ugh - class is finally over this week. 5 long days. I'm chilling out tonight and then am buzzing down to Loretto, KY tomorrow to get Joe's bottles of Makers Mark bourbon from his ambassador barrel. Unfortunately, with class this week and then needing to get home so I can go to DC on Monday, I won't have a chance to see my cousin...but I'll be saying "HI" as I drive through!

Should be cool - I brought the camera just for this - I apparently get to dip bottles and present Joe's golden ticket. Sweet!

Was able to take a trip to the flying cupcake this afternoon..pretty good, but the cupcake frosting was a little sweet.

Oh, and then lunch today was awesome...went to a Jewish deli that was PACKED with local folks of all ages - saw city professionals, an ICE agent, federal marshal and then lots of older folks. The sandwiches were HUGE and I'm definitely getting a half next time. BUT - had an incredible corned beef sandwich on rye with a smear of mustard, swiss cheese and a deli pickle. Too yummy. The pastrami also looked amazing. Way cool - and I'm definitely heading back there the next time I'm in town.

Getting home quite late tomorrow night - which is a bummer, but I'm thinking it'll be worth it and that Joe will enjoy the bottles....

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