Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

So, this is my third year doing this Shimelle class and I really want to try to document appropriately this year. In 2007, I did well - especially since I wasn't at home with the normal responsibilities. Last year, I did well until about mid-September and then died. This year - I try again with renewed vigor! I'll be attempting to blog daily and take pictures as appropriate. :-) Since I have so few days at work this month - should work out ok!

Today was really a pain in the ass. The whole thing with the SkyEurope flight on our vacation is just annoying. We received no email, no communication from them. I really should have checked out the airline prior to purchasing - but, I didn't pay any attention to solvency until two weeks after buying the tix LAST November and have had my eye on them since.

Now we get to attempt to put the pieces into place again. There are not a whole lot of other non-stop flight options and some of the routes (via Copenhagen, Munich, Brussles, Munich, or Milan on airlines from Alitalia to Ethopian Air) are quite creative. Oh well - this trip has been filled with cancellations from the start. :-)

Work today - de-light-ful! The best part of the week is that I only have one more day and then off to Ft Knox for my cousins wedding! Should be awesome to see the family again...hoping that there are horseshoes so I can exact some revenge! ;-)

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