Sunday, September 20, 2009

One day home and then off again

Well, after a brief day at home, I'll be taking off for DC tomorrow. Fortunately, it's a short week there and I'll be back on Friday.

Had a good trip home yesterday - finally made it back here around 0030 - so it was a long day. Some fun pics from Makers Mark in Loretto, KY. First - thought I would get the golden ticket, Joe's nametag and then the place where the bourbon spent some of its life aging. :-)

It was a neat process - once I identified that I was here to pick up bottles - it was fantastic. I was presented two more ambassador medals and was given a nametag for Joe (since they were his bottles). They didn't have the custom labels printed up yet, so once those got printed, and the bottles were pulled from the back - I was ready to get moving! The whole experience was neat - from putting the labels on the bottles *just so*, to dipping the full size bottles and then they sealed the top too with a "2009" wax seal. Cool. AND - the person who was helping me did a fantastic job of wrapping the bottles for transport!

It was a lot of fun...can't wait till my bottles are ready!  

Even though the weather is beautiful today, I can tell that fall is almost upon us. There's a slight chill in the air - and we're thinking about turning the heat on eventually too. Maybe when we get back from our vaca...

Sabot has been such a sweetie today. :-) Hate to leave everyone I'm packing on the sly so the critters don't suspect anything...
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