Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Printing and tearing...and typing. That's what I'm working on for the vaca. Printing scanned pages from guidebooks, tearing guidebooks up to reduce the bulk and typing for my final. Excellent.

At least our dining issue and the on board credit issue have been resolved satisfactorily! :-)

Last day of september - didn't do too bad at blogging.

Oh, yeah...and we have trusses going up and interior walls. Sweet!

This health care debate is crazy. I don't care what people say - reforms are needed across the board. I don't know if universal care is the answer - but I think that billing practices need to be fixed, care needs to be provided in underserved areas, etc. Jon Stewart has been on the money with all this stuff - the fox news fiends on the right (sorry if I'm offending my 2 readers) are just hypocrites - they're calling the administration out on stuff that they were doing just a few short years ago. And it's gotten so extreme with the hatred towards the administration. I don't get it. If people would have gotten this riled up about the Iraq war and were saying such awful things about the administration and the President , or carring firearms to a presidential address - they would have been arrested and put into jail for that disagreement...

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  1. Right leaning reader not offended. We can save politics for after your vacation. Enjoy you trip. You and Joe deserve the rest. Have a great time!