Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So, yeah

I set myself up for success this week by scheduling my NSPS review 2 weeks ago for first thing this past monday. Had my self assessment all done (as of those 2 weeks ago) and was set. I've now had to reschedule this review twice due to my boss and am now hoping that it gets covered appropriately tomorrow. Annoying - big time.

Another annoyance? The cruise travel agency. We had booked this ages ago - somehow we've been assigned a new booking number and were just notified this week - so now I need to go into the site and re-fill out all the stuff with oru passport info, etc. And - to make matters worse - we're now waitlisted for our dining time versus confirmed. Grr. I really wanted to chill this week and just print fun info - not sit on the stinking computer and do that crap.

Plus I've been working on my final exam still.

I'm really looking forward to close of business tomorrow so I can get this vacation started.

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