Sunday, September 13, 2009

Travel Routines

Does anyone else have a travel routine? Whenever I check into a hotel for longer than a few nights - I always unpack right away. Something about getting my clothes hung up and the suitcase empty gets the trip off on the right foot.

Good flights today. Made it to the airport a little early, so used our last remaining board room pass for the Alaska Board room. It had actually expired in June, but they let me right on in after I begged for mercy! ;-) A very nice spicy bloody mary with horseradish was just the thing to wake me up (after my coffee, that is). I had just enough time in St Louis (my layover) to grab a cup of chicken tortilla soup with goat cheese (it worked - really!) before my flight to Indy. Now that I'm here...I'm going to go out and get a couple of breakfast things.

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