Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uni and Roe

Just got back from dinner and finally tried uni (sea urchin roe) and salmon roe tonight. Very good! And - I had one of my favorites - grilled eel...quite excellent. Maybe someday I'll be able to go to Japan and try the real stuff.

Wandered around Dupont Circle a little bit and made my way into Kramerbooks and Afterwords - a great little bookstore that, although small - has an intriguing selection of books. Picked up the new Sara Paretsky book...I hate buying hardcovers, but I figure that this one would be a good read since I'm on travel - I'm not too into the library book I brought with me at this point.

Speaking of libraries...can I just say how much I love ours? :-) It's great....and I'm hoping I'll read all the books on my list by the time we move to another system.

I'm looking forward to heading home. It was looking like there might have been a chance to leave early tomorrow - but I don't think we'll get out in time. Bummer. First thing Friday it is.

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