Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday - Sweet!

Oh boy - halfway through the week already! I'm getting ready to head back to Indy next week for another MPA class - Environmental Policy and Law. I've been able to get a good deal of done in the last few days. I need to get it in gear because there's a take home final in this class due 1 month after the class ends PLUS a research paper due 2 months after the class. Suppose I could ask for the extension - but I know I'll leave it till the end - just like I always do.

Work is crawling this week. I'm just looking forward to the next two weeks when I'll be out of the office on TDY. Ah, more travel!

Watching top chef right now - and I'm always amazed how well people can whip stuff up from nothing. Chefs are pretty amazing...I"m an engineer at heart - give me a recipe and I'm good to go, but I can't do on the spot stuff!

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