Monday, September 07, 2009

Working on the place

We spent a very wet few hours up at the property yesterday followed by a very productive day today...we're moving forward on the backfill for at least the front part of the house. This will enable the builder to come in and start working on floor joists and the walls. It'll start being more than a hole in the ground very quickly from here on out. I managed to spend all of today on the kuboda and joe was moving around dirt and rock next to the footings. Long day for both of us. We didn't quite finish, but we're well on our way to being done.

The bummer about not getting much done yesterday is that we were planning on going to Seattle for Bumbershoot today. But, we did sell our tickets with assistance from Craigslist...and we had a great beer at Fish while waiting for the buyer to show.

I'm really not ready to head to Indy next weekend. Seems like we'll be spending all our free time at the property this week. Joe will probably odd-shift and then I'll head up there after work to assist with more backfill. Good times.

We've had a couple of "catch our breath and relax before we drive home" meals at Silver City Brewery in Silverdale and it just isn't Fish. The food is so-so (trying to be all corporate without being corporate), the beer isn't all that wonderful. I'm really going to miss Fish once we move. We'll have to make pilgrimages down there when we load up on meat at our favorite butcher.

Huh- so heading back to work tomorrow. Good times. I have 7 days left there until November 2nd and I'm very excited about that. Really can't wait till I switch jobs - probably will end up being in May or June next year due the timing of availabilities on the ship that I'm aiming for. I need to do my self-assessment for performance here shortly and I struggle to think of anything productive that I've done this year. Ummm...Standard Operating Procedures? Held meetings? Wrote letters? Awesome stuff.

Well, to end on a good is really working out well to sell some of my older books. Made a decision to not sell anything that is going for less than $2 - because it seems like I can't really get ahead on the shipping costs. But - I've sold several textbooks and quite a few crafty books! :-)

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