Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back home again

Our vacation was wonderful and I can't believe how long we've been gone. Towards the later part of our trip, we'd be amazed at how long ago some of the places from early in the trip felt.

*Budapest was stunning. The thermal baths that we went to while there were a wonderful treat.
*The food did not disappoint. We had a not-so-wonderful meal here or there, but on the whole - it was just one good meal after another in the cities we visited.
* The difference between Prague and Budapest - both about 20 years after communism ended - is remarkable. The czech republic was able to come through everything much more quickly.
* 40 foot seas in a cruise ship are pretty impressive.
* Venice was lovely. One great street after another. I could have used another few days to explore.
* Doing independent travel in europe - without guided tours - is easy. There were lots of people on the cruise who did nothing except ship excursions and time and time again they were impressed with how much we were able to see and experience on our own and how much money we saved by using local transportation. Some of the folks had incredible excurions, but I wouldn't have traded our few hiccups (rough seas on Capri that prevented us from going to the Blue Grotto) for walking around in a huge group.
* Scheduling lazy days with nothing except a little walk are wonderful in the middle of a crazy sightseeing packed trip.

The only negative of the trip were ugly americans. Seriously. Most of us are good travelers - we attempt to learn a little of the language, we're quiet, we try to blend in. But there are a few who expect the world to be all in dollars and english. And - they're loud. Very annoying. I wanted to melt into the ground sometimes.

We're off to reclaim the critters now and get our mail. I don't think we'll make it to the property until tomorrow...hoping that what we have not does not disappoint.

Some pics later. It's hard to choose just a few for the blog, so I might forgo it altogether.

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