Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back to the grind

Not excited about heading back to work this coming Monday. I was really getting used to wearing flippity flops for the entire last month.

I'm thinking that I'm almost back on normal time - I slept through the night last night and only woke up at 4:30 am! Sweet.

The dude is sick right now - we picked him up from the kennel and he's been sneezing and has had a runny nose since. Took him to the vet this AM and got him some antibiotics and antihistamines. Luckily his energy level is still high and he was anxious about dinner tonight finally.

I think I spent all day in the car today - 3 hours for driving Joe to the airport and back, an hour taking Sabot to / from the vet and then almost 3 hours going up the property and back. Ugh. Spent about 3 hours at the property doing cleanup today and will probably do the same tomorrow (cleanup - I'll probably spend 6 or 7 hours). I need to dig out the power holes too - but I'm thinking that it's more important to get the site picked up so that the driveway can get fixed / graded. Joe went to the property briefly yesterday to do a look-see and his description did not adequately prepare me for just how much needed to be done. I spent about half an hour in shock at the pop cans, beer cans and food wrappers scattered around the site. I'm not happy with the personal debris - I agreed to pick up the site and construction stuff, but not this.

I'll take pics tomorrow after it looks presentable. I got the inside about done today but forgot the hose for the shopvac - so was not feeling like showing a dirty dirty house here.

I'm thinking that with Joe gone and the house stuff going on, I'll need to ask for an extension on the final for my last class. We have so much to do here as well - the kitchen ceiling needs to be caulked and painted plus some random touchups throughout the house. Ugh.

I'm caught up on Amazing Race and just have to say that it was cool to see the teams in Dubai for the last 2 shows. I've been to many of the places they have and was on an abra too! Just neat.

So, in summary. Work - not excited. House - lots to do. Sabot - sick but dorky.

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