Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oh house

The next time we see you - you'll have siding on, the insides might look even more finished, we'll have a roof...exciting stuff.

One more day of working at the property today - Joe got the water connected to the house water supply and I picked up the whole site - lumber, nails, inside and out. Swept the place out again so that we'd have less to do later. It was quite the chore - my back is pretty sore...but - I'm excited to see this place again when our vaca is all pau.

I'm slightly (majorly) annoyed - I've somehow managed to lose a shirt that I really wanted to take on the trip. But I've looked all over this place and NOTHING! Argh. It's probably just as well since we're going with just a carry-on size each and the weather will actually be very nice!

Tomorrow is d-day for the final. Amazing how little I can manage to get done - but, I work better under pressure!

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