Friday, October 02, 2009

Paint and floors and vinyl oh my!

I put the order in for our floors and counter tops (the non-granite ones) in yesterday. For the floors throughout the house, we'll be mostly using this awesome Armstrong laminate - super thick stuff (12mm), nice shine good grain texture look was really nice stuff:

Joe and I took a look at our updated construction schedule and determined that we needed to pick out paint for the place too -since we need to get painting just about when we get home. So, we pulled out the few color sample things we've been collecting for the last 9 months and came up with this:

For the front door - and the gables eventually

For the trim and gutters

For the main house:

And, the vinyl is something I didn't put too much time into - I wandered up to the stuff that was included in the price of the house, pulled out a couple, plopped them next to the laminate sample and was happy enough. Overall plan is to eventually rip out the vinyl in the bathrooms and do a DIY tiling effort in all of them. But, the utility room will stay vinyl with the muddy dog, washer / dryer, etc. Here's my choices for this:

Utility Room


And, finally, the non-granite countertops in the house (all the bathrooms):

The past couple of days have seemed like we're bleeding money. It's been a little daunting - but I guess we're at that stage now where stuff is finishing up (septic) and we're starting to do some of the custom ordering that we chose to for this house (floors, wood stove). Oh, speaking of which - I got a quote for a wood stove yeaterday as well:

Sheesh...lots going on.

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