Saturday, December 19, 2009

Frustrating Day

I don't think today could have gotten much more frustrating - which just made the perfect end to another annoying week.

Let's see...this week (and last, I guess)...

we drove up to the property to install garage door openers to realize that we couldn't yet. Dumb us for not checking things out better.

the water froze at new place and, as a result, the contractor CLAIMED they couldn't texture on time - not that they were ready to in the first place. When our neighbor's pipe burst, it was determined that it was PUDs fault that they buried the line between the main and the meter too shallow in the first place.

I can't ever call the place where we got our appliances and have a less than frustrating conversation. Right after I bought our stuff, I spent over an hour and a half on hold in 2 days because people kept routing me around through phone hell. Oh, yeah - and the salespeople didn't take care of things like they promised.

I got to walk out to one of the drydocks in sideways rain - only to have the person I was meeting with not show up.

The contractor STILL has stuff that looks like ass on the new house. Seriously - who thought a great way to fix flashing was to take a hammer to it and beat the shit out of it.

Our asshole dog woke me up at 3am today and I think I slept in 15 minute increments after that. Grrr....He also decided that this AM he was going to explore the neighborhood.

And to top it all off - painting sucked today. We borrowed one wagner and one airless sprayer. Neither one worked well at all. The Wagner would spray for maybe 10 seconds then stop. The airless was great for 2 rooms and then it clogged and wouldn't spray right. So, we're super far behind and will end up renting a super nice sprayer and then buying one - because we need to get this done and time is running out.

Oh, and to top it off...we're getting the dishwasher delivered tomorrow and our 2 hour window is from 0730 - 0930. Awesome - we live an hour and a half away, so it's like we get to get up for work.

The one thing I'm looking forward to this week (other than a day off on Christmas?) - is Tuesday when the paint lady (an interior designer who is going to make recommendations on paint colors throughout the house and get us a 25% discount on benjamin moore paint) is meeting me at the house.

Oh, and minor good news - we now have a partial olympic view from our house due to some trees being cut down across the field. Woot.

Bottom line - I'm cranky with all the stuff we still have to do on the new house. Plus - still try to get this house ready with a few more things before we can list it. Not enough time in the week to do it all.

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