Saturday, December 05, 2009

Long delayed house updates.

So, you can see that the house is moving along quite well without us! :-) We've had to go up there and prep the garage for the slab and take care of the muddy areas (that's what the straw is laid down for), but otherwise - it's zooming along.

We're going to do the bare essential painting for now and will have color on the house when the weather improves. This weekend - it's dry but cold - not good for doing something that will be expensive and time consuming to fix if it doesn't cure right.

More pics later today / tomorrow. We should have the slab poured, garage doors on and some trim painting done.

The drywall work is now ALL done and we're just waiting for inspection - scheduled for the 7th. After that, the contractors will come back in and mud / texture. Joe and I have determined that one or both of us will be up there painting every weekend from now until the end of the year. Joy.

I've taken the easy way out for interior colors and will be hiring someone to provide some guidance on colors. I don't have a good eye for decoration and want to make sure that everything looks good - I don't have any intention of repainting for a long time. I don't think we'll end up with another bright green room - but a light green might look pretty great in the dining room! ;-)

More frustration this week with contractors and phone calls. Joe and I still can't get over how much follow up we have to do and how hard it is for people to call us back with info that they said they would. Grr.

We're slowly getting the current house ready for sale. We cleaned out the upstairs closets over Turkey day and I did a huge goodwill run after that. Also - my scrap area is clean and neat (woot!) and the kitchen ceiling is now bright and white - versus stained with kitchen stains.

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