Monday, December 21, 2009


Yesterday was a much better day in the painting department. Still some frustrations - but we got the inside of the house primed as well as ourselves. It's really impressive how even though you can wear protective gear - that paint manages to make it's way into almost everything when it's sprayed on.

We finished up with light to spare (rare during this time of year) and managed to be home by 6pm. Of course, I don't think we were cleaned up till about 7:30 - there was a LOT of paint on us. It's a little sad - I think Joe and I both have enough grey hair that it makes determining what is paint and what's actual hair color a little more difficult (and disappointing when the grey doesn't wash out).

Tomorrow I'm meeting with the interior design person and (hopefully) getting a nice paint plan that makes the house flow from room to room!

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