Sunday, December 06, 2009

Yet more house pics!

It was a great day up at the house yesterday. We didn't get up there till early afternoon, but it had warmed up a bit and we were able to zoom through painting. The industrial sprayer that we borrowed from a friend worked wonders and did a great job on the raw stuff. And - I was able to zip behind and paint the trim where the gutters are going with just a brush. We got a few more things done up there too, but the priority was the painting. We were seeing however what a crappy job that the caulkers did - they completely missed windows, seams in the siding and other stuff. The builder is getting another email tomorrow about it. I feel like we're doing all the QA on the house and that his oversight is non-existent.

We were delighted to see the great job on the slab and the garage doors installed. Very nice!

And - it looks great with all the drywall installed. Painting without having to worry about being neat is going to be fun! :-)

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