Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frustration - just today

1. The "For Sale" sign post damaged the invisible fence that Joe just finished fixing

2. The stuff that the builder was supposed to fix prior to flooring being installed didn't get fixed. Gas lines are coming up from the crawlspace in the wrong spot.

3. More stuff is wrong in the house that we just noticed.

4. our new phone / internet company randomly turned service on for us in early December. In addition to having a $150 bill - we have so many things that we would never sign up for.

5. In an attempt to remedy the bill, I spent 20 minutes on hold prior to giving up.

6. The mirror and light in our bathroom are caddywhompus.

7. The vent thingy in the kitchen cabinets are caddywhompus.

8. The new quarter round moulding on the kitchen cabinets doesn't cover the nail holes.

9. Our septic failed the as-built inspection. The electricians, who we paid $500 to hook up the septic system, didn't do what we paid them to do.

10. Someone (a contractor) was using our toilets - and it wasn't us. This, despite not having our plumbing system PHYSICALLY connected to the septic tanks.

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