Thursday, January 28, 2010


Not the greatest ski vacation ever in terms of weather, but it was nonetheless a nice vacation.

It was super foggy the first few days - and, we actually had freezing fog that killed the visibility and froze up our goggles. Probably 75 percent of the folks on the slopes that day had their goggles up, just like we did, and were just skiing with frozen eyelashes. It was fun though. Some of the trails didn't have a whole lot of snow on them - and I gouged up my skiis pretty good.

When it did finally clear up, it was a winter wonderland. The trees LOOKED like they had new snow on them - but it was just cold enough and icy enough that previous snows stayed stuck on there. It was certainly not like anything I had seen before.

It was a nice village and all...Joe and I went for some nice fondue one night - much better than melting pot. Other than that - we didn't have anything too special.

We did go to a kick ass tubing park about 10 minutes away from the village. This place had a sweet setup with about 8 different tubing lanes and a tube tow back up the hill that allowed you to sit in the tube and ride it up. One of the runs was a blast - it got you going fast and just as you were leveling out, there were a couple of little dips that you could get some air on. Way fun.

We had the house put on the market while we were gone - but boy did we scramble to get it there. the last few days were frantic with Joe finishing up the laminate cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and taking photos and some last minute yard work to repair the electric fence and a water pipe that Joe managed to puncture (while trying to fix the electric fence). We got it up, but have only had one visitor thus far. their comment was "house was beautiful but too big for us". Hmmph. Hopefully it'll move soon.

The other house keeps trucking along. We have some cabinets and counters now as well as doors throughout the interior. This week, the flooring is going in. We'll be headed back there this weekend to put more time in the place - probably cleaning up the trash piles (sweet!), cleaning the tubs...and some other stuff. Good times.
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