Saturday, February 13, 2010

3 Day weekend...

Seems like this three day weekend will be filled with work vice fun. I suppose once we move, it'll switch around again. But - no three dayers till May! Ugh.

This wasn't too bad of a week with work or the house. I think the house was fine because we ignored it and hoped that everything got done. We'll see what the results have been today when we go up there. The ctr did have someone take some recycling away, start picking up lumber and cleaning up the site, so that will ease our load a little. Unfortunately, it's wet and soggy out today, so it'll be a messy day.

We also have the thus far ill-fated delivery of appliances this afternoon.

Tomorrow we'll head down to Portland for some tax free shopping. Ikea is planned (thanks for the gift card Mom and Dad!) for some pantry shelves and we'll probably hit costco as well to pick up a wall mount thing for the TV and groceries.

So, not a whole lot going on right now, which is nice. I managed to run three times this week - felt good to finally be moving again. And - I've started scrapbooking our vacation last fall, finally. There are some great pics and I've enjoyed going back through them remembering the context of the photo- not just the photo itself. Maybe I'll finish with that by the time I go on my next vacation to Japan here in April....oh, who am I kidding! :-)

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