Saturday, March 20, 2010

End of Week One

Our first week in the new place has concluded. We're remarkably unpacked and settled in. The office still needs some work (and a plan), but we're good for the most part. We have bookcase issues, so all the books that were upstairs in the main hallway bookcase are still sitting in boxes. Sigh. I don't know what we'll do with those or handle those. All the remaining books have been sorted through for keepers, and a half price book store run.

Joe's been busy working on shelves for the garage - that'll allow us to get stuff stored and up off the floor.

Neighbors came by yesterday and grabbed some of our moving boxes. They'll be moving next door in about a week and we're so glad they could use some of our stuff. :-) And it helped us clean up the garage some more.

In the midst of unpacking, I managed to finish my statistics final with over 24 hours to spare. Woot! I was very fortunate that I spent several hours at the Indy airport doing the multiple choice questions - this helped me get quite a good start on the whole thing.

The agenda for this weekend includes getting the office area figured out, going to one of our good friends 50th birthday party tonight (we're excited about our gifts!) down in Tacoma and then heading to Shelton tomorrow to clean and do some repairs to the house. Should be a good weekend.

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