Friday, March 05, 2010


Hello blog. I'm here to post again after I"ve neglected you so long.

It's been a quick couple of weeks. The house passed final occupancy inspection. We still don't have all the work complete even though we're moving in about a week. The boy visited for the first time a few weeks ago. It looks good - but we still have a few outliers.

I know it's a shock, but Joe and I have a lot of shit at the current place. We'll need to shed some before we move - both to save moving costs and due to space constraints at the new place. We'll be posting things on craigslist all weekend and hoping to sell them.

I'm on TDY this week for the first time in MONTHS. I like traveling for work - and I'll be entering an upswing here in the next couple of months. I have trips to San Diego, NYC and Indy scheduled between now and June. There might be one or two more in there - we'll see.

Vacation is coming up in April - I'm so excited to head to Japan. It'll be spring, not too cold - and so much good food!

We've been negotiating for about a week wrt an offer on the house. The guy came in super low to start (over 60k less than our asking) hoping to snag a bargain. He was burned on selling his house in seattle and didn't grasp that our market didn't collapse like the rest of the region. We'll see how it goes - we're about 10k apart right now and just need him to come up a little to make it a done deal (or to move to the inspection phase). It would be very very nice to get selling the house behind us (ahem - VERY!).

It's hard to believe that we're leaving the house we've been in for 9 years. I know it's not a lifetime, but it's been more than Sabot and Yankee's lifetimes. :-)

Lots going on in the next few weeks. Of course, it's been a busy last few months as well.

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