Sunday, March 07, 2010

Looking Ahead...and behind

It's shocking, I know, but we spent more time at the new place today. This was just to finish up the garage door openers, check out what has been done in the last week or so, and start putting furniture and shelves together before the move is here.

We've made two big ikea runs in the last few weeks for pantry shelves, a new desk and misc other items (like lingonberries for swedish meatballs!). The pantry is coming together nicely. We determined today that we don't quite have enough room on one side for two sets of longer shelves, so yet another trip to ikea will be happening in the next few weeks. As you can see - the wine is starting to migrate up to the new place, since the movers will not move alcohol.

Finally, all the new appliances are hooked up - it's really nice to have that stuff completed. Since our builder scratched our new range hood (sigh), we asked him to hook up the stove and fridge for us - which was certainly worth the trade! And - Mom - you'll be happy that a pro hooked up the LP stove.

We also have our shelves up in the kitchen - it's starting to round everything out.

On the plate this week - calling the phone company (again!) to get them to take away charges for services we haven't asked for yet. Meeting Invisible Fence at the new place to get a quote and schedule moving our current fence unit. Meeting a blinds person at the house next weekend so we can get those installed. And, last but not least - moving!

So, you might be thinking - what the heck is a big black blob doing there for a photo. I took this last night off the back deck in Shelton. It was a nice night - no moonlight, great stars and just free of clouds (rare this time of year). 16 second exposure - the longest I can do on the camera. I don't know what kind of night sky we'll have at the new place, but I'm sure it won't be as pitch black as we have it now. It's amazing to walk out there and have the stars be so brilliant, to see the Milky watch shooting stars and satellites fly overhead.

Shelton has been a struggle at times because of how far away from everything it is. But, it's been a treat too. We can walk outside on weekends and hear nothing but birds and squirrels - no cars. We can walk the dog off-leash. We've scavenged mountain blackberries along the logging trails...we've had the cat bring in many a dead critter (but way more alive, I think).

For all the great things about our house, I'm so looking forward to doing things with friends after work - it won't be a chore to have fun anymore with folks. We'll be in such a great little town - and we EACH will gain 5 hours a week of our lives back.

I'm looking forward to the change.
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