Sunday, March 28, 2010

Making the house home

We've been busy again this week moving stuff around and getting settled in some more. The big accomplishment for this week was Joe cranking out these shelves in the garage. This most definitely was a huge deal - we got them loaded pretty completely in no time and were able to get some stuff on craigslist....all in the hopes of parking in here someday.

We did a lot of busywork this weekend too - the master walk in closet was completely re-done by Joe so we could have some more usable space. Pics later, but it's impressive how many shelves we have in there now. We knew we'd be doing this and it was apparent from the moment the clothes were hung up that the current situation wasn't going to work.

As of this AM, the office (and garage, but that goes without saying) remains the last area of boxes in the house. We hate living out of them and not knowing where things are, so I'd imagine that by next weekend, this will all be cleared up.

We've also started hanging some stuff up on walls. The guidons made it up in the office and other misc photos and prints are making it very comfortable now.

We're heading the airport shortly to pick up Eric - he and Joe are going to go skiing here for a couple of days. Friends have said that the mountains are still getting snow - so that bodes well for them.

We're also making another run to Ikea....hopefully it's our last...we just need about 3 or 4 things and we should be good.

I'm looking forward to getting this blog back to cool stuff - like travel, life and things other than building a house. :-)

Upcoming trips include my vacation to Japan (without Joe! woot!), San Diego for work, New York City for work and then Indianapolis again in June for my next class.

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