Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well, we're on about day 4 in the house...and it's finally starting to look like we live here instead of just have boxes here. It'll probably be a long, long time before we can park in the garage.

The money we spent to hire movers was some of the best money we've spent in a while. The company had 6 (!) guys working 12 hours loading and unloading 2 trucks completely for our stuff.

Needless to say, we have to get rid of some of our stuff. Futon, old desk, coffee tables and several other things are on their way to craigslist. We just have to get them unburied enough to get at them.

The last couple of weeks had brought some progress towards selling the Shelton house. We had some fierce negotiating with the buyer (he originally offered 65k less than our asking price), we came to an agreed price. He's been delightful the entire way through - complaining to our agent at our open house about some of the things in the house (wallpaper?! come on dude) and then asking for a new title and escrow company after we had already signed the first set of papers around. We're now still working through the inspection findings. Looks like we'll have to get all or most of a new roof, new siding on one of the chimeys and then misc other small items that Joe will fix (I would say Joe and I...but really
he gets to be the one who crawls under the house.

We're set to close at the end of April...so we'll be pumping the septic in the next week or so. I'll be much relieved when we've finally sold the house.

The critters are adjusting to the new place. Sabot has his invisible fence installed already and we're being vigilant about the collar. He has much less room to roam now - we determined at the last place that we gave him too much space...so he has about a 10 foot buffer to do his business in the woods and that's about it. He's been very cuddly since the move...

We've heard reports from neighbors that there are bobcats in the neighborhood...as well as eagles we've seen, bears we've suspected and raccoons that we know are out here. So, Yankee has now turned into a housecat. She's not too thrilled about it - and we'll have to find ways to keep her entertained. But - it's for her....
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  1. Send me pics of some of the stuff you're looking to unload - if our move date is within reason (if we ever get said date) we may take some of it off of your hands if the pricing is within our budget!