Thursday, April 08, 2010

Chilling for a bit...then off!

I'm goofing around on the intraweb this AM - basically wasting some time before I need to leave for the PDX airport. Decided to fly out of there for my mini vaca to Japan since they had a non-stop flight on I could get on Joe's miles versus flying out of Seattle and spending some 7 hours in LAX on the way back.

I am going over there with little to nothing planned. My friends that I am staying with have been there for a good 5 or 6 months at this I'm thinking that if we aren't going out together - I'll be pointed in the right direction.

This is one of those trips that just totally worked out with the right time and place...and since Joe has no desire to vacation in Asia (which totally bums me out - but that's another topic) - it's perfect.

Things continue to move along with the sale of the Shelton house. We have minimal stuff there at this point - Joe might make one more trip this weekend with the dog and sweep out the garage, remove some garbage and get a couple of vegetable plants (rhubarb! and chives). The roof is being replaced in our spurts of good weather prior to closing...I'm looking forward to being done with it.

We're virtually unpacked here at this point...there are a couple of things that we're scratching out heads as to where they've gone...but, no doubt they'll turn up eventually.

No posts on the blog till I get back....

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