Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dreary Weekend

It was a dreary day today and a rainy, sleety, haily afternoon yesterday - which gave us a good opportunity to get some stuff done inside the house. The garage is still full of random stuff, but it will probably only take a good day of work to get everything put away and organized.

I did start the weekend with an excellent 12 mile bike ride up and down on the roads around here. The road bike that I borrowed from a friend at work is getting tuned up and won't be ready till I get back from I was out on my mountain bike was a tough ride - especially since my bike won't go to first gear on it's own. I had to stop about a third of the way up this one huge hill and move it into first manually. quite annoying, but I made it up the hill and then kept on pedaling.

That road bike will be sweet. I'm looking forward to it greatly.

Joe got a lot of stuff up on the walls today....I think we're about done with that sort of thing except a mirror and a few more of Joe's army certificated.

Worth noting - the rug is temporary until we find something we like. We had this left from the old place - it was in the master bedroom under the's ugly, but it works.

Joe brought the kubota and the last few things from Shelton yesterday. We're still moving forward with the sale - although the guy is a real winner...we're hoping to close around the end of April.

It'll hopefully be a low key week here....
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