Saturday, May 01, 2010

Home again

San Diego was, as always, lovely. I forgot how much I loved that town until this trip. I really haven't been there this early in Spring - so it was all green, flowering and smelling lovely.

There are several ships in at our facility down there being worked - and I really wish that I was working on one of them. But, instead, I had an opportunity to co-lead a conference for all the women's groups at the various public shipyards. Pretty cool meeting - even though it came together last minute.

I got a few runs in while I was there - which was a bit of a relief that I won't end up as out of shape from eating out for a week as one would expect. We made it to all my favorite restaurants...Extraordinary Desserts (twice!), Spiro's Gyros, Cafe Sevilla, Filippi's, The Mission. was a yummy trip! I managed to check out a couple of new cupcake bakeries as well. One of them was a bust (the one on Coronado) and one was a hit (Heavenly Cupcakes).

I also took a new way to Seatac airport - the ferry over to Seattle and then the new(ish) light rail down to the airport. Couldn't be any easier and is way more palatable than paying lots of money to park for a week. We'll definitely be taking advantage of this whenever possible from now on.

This has been a chill weekend at home. I didn't work out today, but am heading to the pool at Bangor tomorrow to do some laps. We'll see how it goes.....

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