Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mamma mia!

It's been quite the few days.  It's been so long since I feel like I worked a full week at work - I'm almost dreading this coming week (when I do have a full week).  Last week was supposed to be M-F, but I could feel that I was coming down with a cold early in the week - it hit me full force Wed after work and then I didn't even go in on Thurs and Fri.  To make matters worse - I didn't even get my massage that I was so looking forward to AND I got zero tri training in.  Ugh. 

The weekend was somewhat redeemed though.  A group I'm involved with at work did a private tour of Theo Chocolate in Seattle yesterday (arrainged by yours truly!) followed by lunch at a local brewpub.  The chocolate place was amazing!  I got way too many goodies and have ideas for upcoming holidays too!  Really great chocolate, awesome social responsibility (all their chocolate is organic and the majority (like all but one bar) is fair trade and really innovative flavors.  Mmm.

Today Joe and I worked to get the trim on the house painted.  We didn't quite get all the way done, but just have the first coat on the front of the house left to do and then the second coat all the way around again.  Oh, and a little bit of the gutter overhang as well.  Hopefully we can knock it out this week.

Carpet samples will arrive tomorrow.  We're going to see what kind of quality flor has - the whole modular carpet thing sounds interesting.  Hopefully we'll like what we see!  That's about the only thing holding us up from calling the living room and dining room complete.  We got the new furniture last weekend for the living room and it's so great - it just needs carpet!

I really need to get back on the ball with tri training!  Big time.  Only about 12 weeks until the race. Ugh!

Amazing race is all done for we're left without much to watch on Sunday night.   Except for a Yankers game that taped earlier today!

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