Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So good to be home

I had a fabulous week in NYC.  I forgot my camera - which I hardly ever do.  But - friends took pictures of all the fun we had.  There was work in there too (of course)- but it was a nice, different city that I hadn't spent tons of time in previously.

When I arrived Monday, I opted to take public transit (versus a cab) from LGA over to Manhattan / Times Square.  I was loving the website that the transit agency runs telling you what trains / buses to take and at what times!  This thing was super helpful througout the whole trip! 

Monday night - my traveling companion and I headed out for dinner and decided to try Mario Batali's Otto's in the East Village (or the west village - who knows).  I had read a recommendation on Chowhound that it was a good place to have a decently cheap meal - and I wasn't disappointed at all.  We had some time to kill in the bar before we were seated and enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the place.  They used a train station clicker board for the wait list - it was fun to see Italian cities tick through as folks were getting called.  We split a cheese plate to start and then each had a separate plate of pasta (for only $9 each!).  Mmmm...I got the pork shoulder ragu - and it was just incredible.  Very yummy indeed. 

We decided to walk the 40 some odd blocks back to the hotel since it was such a nice night - and this was such the right move.  It was great to be out wandering around, peering into some cool shops.  Very fun.

The next day we had a conference to attend...and then stuff to do after work!  Yay!  We each wandered around a little bit right after the meeting and then went to Momofuku Noodle Bar for quite the experience.  The steamed pork buns were absolutely amazing.  Big chunks of pork belly in between a "taco" of steam bun dough with some other yummy things in there (bbq sauce...).  Seriously insanely delicious.  Mmmm - I could eat those all day and every day.  We also tried some kimchi as well as the Momofuku ramen.  Which, coming off of my Japan trip - might not have been the best idea.  But it was still pretty darn good.  After dinner we HAD to go grab dessert at this insane looking Italian Pastry shop a block away, Veniero's.  This place is old school - yummy cannolis, cookies, cheesecakes, tarts.  It all looked divine.  I wish I would have been hungrier, but all I could manage was a bargain priced ($1.50) mini chocolate cannoli.

The next day was more work....and then that night was the treat night - we went to see Wicked at the Gershwin theater.  It was very good and enjoyable - this had been one of those musicals that I had wanted to see but it hadn't been on my "must see when comes to Seattle" list, so it was a nice experience to see a Broadway show.  My other highlight that night was getting a Sabrett's hot sausage (with mustard only, thank you) from one of the street vendors.  Mmmm.

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