Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another weekend is here!

Wow - this week just flew by for some reason.  Work wasn't all that exciting (in fact, it was downright boring at times), but the stuff after work just made the week go quickly.

I've been continuing to train for the triathlon and am now getting comfortable with all the different events.  The bicycling is feeling good (although I'm still slow on hills - gotta work on power) and I'm enjoying getting out and being active.  Last weekend, my friend and I went out to do a 15+ mile ride that is also one of the local tri road bike courses.  I drove it first and saw how hilly it was...yikes.  Add the rain to the hills and it was a very rough ride - but it felt great to be done at the end and we were both glad we did the whole dang thing.  We were pretty soaked (I had dirt lines where the tops of my socks were on my ankles)...but it was good.  We're heading out again today for another 15 miles, but the weather should be much much better.

I'm continuing with yoga as well...I think I've settled into a Sunday AM class in Bremerton.  It's a little bit of a drive, but it's a nice way to start the day and then that frees up time after work during the week.

And then the open water swim...I knew I needed to get out of the pool and into a lake so I could experience swimming in that cold, cold water.  A wetsuit was purchased back at the beginning of my training and it's just been hanging in a closet waiting for an open water swim date.  This tuesday was that day...the lake was probably about 60 or 61 degrees.  And the wet suit made it much better - but it was still cold as hell.  I swam two laps (maybe 1/4 of a mile) in high crawl because I couldn't get my breathing to work if I attempted to put my face in the water.  The last lap I got a little bit of a pep talk from the "pro" there (a lady who is today doing her 5th Ironman triathlon) and was able to get the breathing down in a normal freestyle stroke.  Much better.  It's a little disconcerting to see all the dirt and debris floating by you (thanks to the goggles) as you're swimming, but it was good.  Thursday I hopped back into my nicely heated pool...and got about 1000m done in the AM. 

So, it's been a good week...lots of swimming/biking/ after the bike I have some errands to run and will then try to get some last painting done on the house around the light sconces.  The weather should be good...Joe's working today, so tomorrow we'll probably get going on the curtain drain install.

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