Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great Weekend

I finally got back home late Friday night after a good week in Indianapolis. The class was good, I got 4 workouts in (two swim and two outdoor run!), had some good food...and made it home on time. Although it was a little iffy on that last point. The plane left Indy about 90 minutes late due to thunderstorms and the connection in ORD was on time. Of course. So we made it onto the plane by about a minute. Sheesh.

Anyway, we finally have the living room put together. The furniture came a few weeks ago (actually we picked it up a few weeks ago in Tukwila and brought it home), so our new sectional and coffee table have just been waiting for the carpet. We decided to do the squares from and were really happy with the results. You can see below that the squares were laid parquet style (maybe you can see that) and are really nice and cozy underfoot. Plus - they aren't too plus so the ottomans under the coffee table slide around nicely. You can also see that Sabot has settled into the new furniture just fine.

While I was gone this week, Joe got the last two areas of trim that needed painting complete. So, below is the final result. We need to do one more coat of trim color, but for all intents and purposes, it's done. We'll be doing the concrete in front of thegarages and then probably re-rock the driveway and put stamped concrete on the front / back porch areas. So, still lots to do.

We both had a great weekend here. Joe got lots done yesterday on the paved road down to our development...I got a brick workout in (bike ride immediately followed by a run) with my friend who talked me into the triathlon. It felt great and I didn't feel too smoked right away (which maybe means I should have pushed harder - but it was my first brick!). We had friends over for dinner last night - it was really nice to visit with them - plus it's so much easier to have people over now, we're hoping to have people over more often. This AM, I started out with a great yoga class in Bremerton. Joe and I did a dump run later on to clean up the outside of the house. The rest of this week will be just great: my first CSA (community sponsored agriculture) box from full-circle farms (they do a bi-weekly subscriptioin which is awesome since Joe and I don't go through veggies like mad), more bicycling tomorrow night hopefully, an open water swim on Tuesday, more yoga on Wed and then Thursday the new Child Development Center at NBK-Bremerton (which was partially pushed for by a group that I've been co-leading for the last 3 years at work) will have a groundbreaking. Great week, indeed!
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