Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Saturday here...

and I'm waking up and getting ready for another bike ride.  The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic during the week, so I've only been out on the saddle on Saturdays.  Need to get out more.  Fortunately, I've filled in the other days with swims and runs, so I'm still staying active.  Managed to run (!!) about 4.8 miles outside yesterday in one stretch!  Woot!  That's truly an all-time record for me...I did 5 miles indoor on the treadmill a few weeks ago, but it makes such a difference to actually get out on the streets and run.   CanI just say again how much I enjoy getting out on the streets here..I never did in Shelton because with all the logging trucks and everything, I just didn't get the feeling that people would move out of the way for runners / cyclists on the road.  Here - they move all the time - even if I'm on the shoulder.  It's pretty cool.

What else is pretty cool is the anniversary present that Joe got me...he can see how much I've enjoyed riding again...and the scenery is pretty awesome around here.  So, he got me a road bike!  Awww...I've been borrowing a bike all summer, so this is pretty sweet.  I still need to trick it out (heck, and get my pedals moved over too!) so I'll hopefully be on it early this next week.

And, delightfully, the washing machine finally died (sarcasm, btw).  It's been on the outs for a while and we had a "repair" job done about 6 months ago. The gasket still leaked every now and then and the unit started making horrific noises this week.  Last night was it's last I also need to head to the Sears outlet today to scope out what they have.

Busy day possibly.  And we're going to try to get the other curtain drain installed to boot.  We'll see how far we make it with the rock we have.

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