Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cruising Along

We're just moving along here with more stuff getting done around the place. The majority of the trim now has two coats on it...still have the angled pieces to do (big ladder stuff versus folding ladder). Landscape design is imminent! Well, ok - mid-July. The curtain drain (the small trench that Joe's digging in the photo) is hopefully going to be complete this week...and we're figuring out when the concrete will be put in.

Tri training continues to move along. I'm up to decent length bikes and swims a couple of times a week and am still working on building up my running endurance. I did 4 miles 2 weeks in a row, but bonked out this week on Friday. My neck has been bugging me, I didn't eat anything before the run and just lost it with my legs. Oh well. I did sign myself up for an 8k run at the end of July to motivate me, so I should be increasing once again pretty soon.

It feels really good to be active again. Volleyball in college feels like so long ago...two a day workouts...sore to the point of not being able to move. Those were the good days. But, it's so easy to get out of that routine and it's really really easy to find excuses for why I wasn't out doing stuff as much as I used to. So, the triathlon training has been great for that. I have a friend I've been doing bike rides and swims with - which has been super motivating. And, the bicycling feels so good - I forgot how much I enjoyed it. We went on a ride yesterday along the water in Port Orchard and it was just beautiful!

We're headed over to a friends house tonight who has a view of some of the local fireworks. We haven't seen them in ages (years!), so it'll be a great chance to see them again.

Happy 4th!
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