Monday, July 26, 2010

Gorgeous Day!

We finally have some wonderful weather...and Joe and I couldn't have picked a better weekend for heading over to central Washington to go white water river rafting.  We had a fabulous time...and it was a relaxing day.  We LOVE our neighbors...we can finally do stuff that's a little bit of a longer day and know that we can ask someone to let Sabot out and feed him.  That's a good feeling.

Apparently, however, the neighbors missed the sign on the basket on the kitchen counter (that said "SABOT FOOD" with arrows on it pointing to the baggie of they did the next logical thing and put the bowl of cat food on the floow.  He decided that amount was just his appetizer...and proceeded to hold the bowl in his he was asking for seconds or more.  I wish I could have seen it...

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