Sunday, August 15, 2010

Danskin 2010

A few photos that Joe took from my first tri today...overall time was 1:39:04. Here's the breakout

Clock Time 01:39:04
Overall Place 551 / 3313
Division Place 80 / 339
Swim 00:18:45
Swimrank 655
Trans1 00:04:50
Bike 00:41:47
Bikerank 558
Mph 17.2
Trans2 00:02:24
Runrank 870
Run 00:31:17
Pace 00:10:05

I'm feeling pretty good about this time! It was a really great, positive experience. The volunteers were just awesome today - super encouraging and helpful.

Oddly, I wasn't nervous at all prior to the start. I think since this is something that I want to do and that there's no chance of winning, I really don't feel any pressure except to do the best I can.

The swim was a little rough - and I totally could have had a better time, but the waves got the best of me prior to the first buoy...I got some water in my mouth and just completely got out of my "zone" and rhythm. Bummer... but, I got back into it and was able to settle in pretty nicely.

It was a long haul (maybe 1/4 mile) from the swim exit back to my transition area. But, I jogged the whole way and was in and out of there relatively quickly. The bike course was great - mostly flat with some pretty tame hills after what I've been training on.
We had a great tail wind coming back over I-90 - so my speed stayed pretty high.

The run...ugh...the run. I stopped at every water stand to keep water going into me, which ended up slowing me down. And there was a killer last hill...but, I did well on the overall time and wasn't too far off the 10 minute miles I was hoping for.

Would I do it again? Most definitely!
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