Saturday, August 14, 2010


Whew....the Danskin Triathlon is finally I'm heading over to Seattle for the expo and to rack my bike with my friend who talked me into this whole adventure. feels great to be back in shape again - even though it's a different "in shape" than what I had in volleyball. Regardless - I've enjoyed the journey and am looking forward to it continuing on in the coming months and years.

It was a slightly more relaxed week at home for me this week - fewer bike rides and shorter runs.  However, this was made up for in an utterly insane week at work....I think I finally had a short break yesterday...and then ended up having a meeting run way past 1600 (with Joe waiting for me).  The irony?  We were there late talking about work life balance.  I had to laugh on the way was a good meeting though and certainly put things into a different perspective for me.

Joe has quite a weekend for himself...after we finished up re-carpeting the cat tree last night, there's still lots of leveling to do around the place in preparation for the concrete folks starting work on Monday.  What a relief it will be to have that done.

They (concrete guys) came and placed stakes around the house yesterday...and it would have been fine had the stakes not had nails sticking out from them at 90 degree angles.  Since we don't trust Sabot to not run into these nails (he has a remarkable habit of getting speared and poked in various body parts), he gets to be on a leash at all times since there are stakes in the front and back (all in his normal wandering spots).  It'll be good to have this part of the house complete.  Then we JUST (ha!) have to landscape the whole place.  No big deal, eh? ;-)

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