Sunday, August 01, 2010

What a weekend...

Can I get two more days tacked onto the end of this one so that I can chill out a little bit?  It's been a great weekend, but very on-the-go (which all of ours seem to be lately).  Friday night started with two appraisers coming by - one for the existing construction loan which is rolling into permanent and the second for our new refi loan.  The refi guy was disheartening - a) he was a tool to me (apparently his daughter is named "Jenna" so he was extremely condescending and kept joking around about "Jenna-poo".  Jerk.) b) he probably isn't going to appraise our house anywhere near what we paid to build this point, as long as we have the required equity in it to get the mortgage, we'll be happy.   We also had someone come by a little later to quote out the concrete work we'll need to have done. 

Saturday started off wonderfully (really!)...just over a 20 mile bike ride with a friend.  It was great and I wasn't huffing and puffing in some of the spots that have challenged me in the past.  I'm thinking it's time to up the mileage again and maybe throw a new route into the mix.  We had 2 more contractors come by and then Joe and I then rane some errands (he was not working - woohoo!)..

I made my way over to Seattle at thsi point for the Seafair Torchlight 8k run.  My first race (although I'm only racing against myself) over a 5k distance.  I'm hoping that I did less than 10 minute miles...I think I did, just need to wait for the timing chip results to be posted.  I feel like I'm in good shape for the Danskin in TWO weeks...then wandered over to REI (my favorite store) and picked up a bike carrier for the escape.

Good thing I did too - as Joe had bought himself a road bike while I was away for a few hours.  This wasn't a huge surprise for we had been discussing it all week.  I'm thrilled to have an in-house riding partner now!  :-)

This morning I'm off to yoga...and then will pick up the accoutrements for beer can chicken - one of our favorite go-to sunday dinners now.  Joe's brewing some beer today...and I"ll be helping with that and finishing up a baby album / card for a baby shower next week. 

Whew!  And then the week starts all over again....

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