Saturday, August 07, 2010

Woke up this am...

with no alarm...just a wagging dog tail.  It's been a while since I've been able to do that - my normal Saturday workout has been moved to Sunday this week - so I was able to relax and sleep in...felt very nice indeed.

I know that all (1?) of you are dying to know my run times from last week...I was really pleased with the final time - I completed the 8k in 47:05 and averaged 9:28 miles.  SWEET!  That made me feel really good and it shows (to me) that the work has been paying off.  The last time I did a timed run was back in 2007 in San Diego - and I think my 5k time was 36 minutes.  And, just think - I was only 20 minutes behind the female winner this time (ha!).

Otherwise, it was a week full of working out for me (most of them went very well) and Joe got some good work in the yard completed a night or two to get ready for a carport that will be arriving soon...we'll be putting wood for the wood stove and probably the Kuboda in there.  We're THIS close to making a decision on a concrete that will be a relief to have that moving along.  And, the landscape designer is apparently about half done with the plant design. 

Yesterday I did an all time long run - just over 7 miles.  I was pretty impressed with myself.  My time was a little slow (about 70-75 minutes), but considering I just jumped from 5 to 7 miles - I'm ok with that.  Need to ramp up a little more for a 10 miler on my birthday...and then maybe that half marathon later in the year.

I seriously didn't think when I started all this a few months ago that I would have been able to (and actually looking forward to) these runs every week. I still remember just DYING on the treadmill after a mile. 

After the run, we went to dinner at Casa de Luna in Poulsbo...we really haven't started to explore the places to eat in our backyard...but if this was any indication of what we have to look forward'll be great.  This was some of the best mexican food we've had in a while (except for a trip here or there to San Diego...or Rck Bayless restaurants...sigh). Mmmm.

Should be another hectic week at work...I'm balancing two jobs right now and to top it all off - we have two major meetings going on this coming week and I need to be involved in both.  It'll be fun.

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