Monday, September 06, 2010

Housewarming Piggy

So, we got a whole pig for the housewarming party. It was quite the experience...this was what greeted us when we opened up the box from the butcher....we got him / her the night before and brined the snot out of it - injecting it with probably 2.5 or more quarts of a yummy brine.

The next day it was onto the cooker. Our amazing friends loaned us the pig roaster box - we were really excited that it was only going to take about 3.5 - 4 hours.....

Went with a "mexican fiesta" theme for the food. Lots of yummy goodness out of Rick Bayless' newest book. I found it at costco and determined that something already geared toward parties would be better than me multiplying recipes by 10 or so...we expected around 80 people based on RSVPs. Of course, that number didn't quite show up...but we were close with some of the neighbors who stopped by.

Lucky boy gets the snout! He gobbled it right up. I don't know how many people fed him pig, but he's still licking the ground in spots where grease from the cooker was dripping.

It was a great party - so many awesome friends stopped by to visit.
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