Saturday, November 06, 2010

Since just before my last blog post (which was actually a catch up for the prior week), I've:

Run a 10 mile running event (on my birthday)
Turned 33
Completed another sprint triathlon
Gone on vacation
Started a new job (the one I've been WAITING for)
Procrastinated on school work
Trained for a half marathon
Started in the local volleyball league again!
Gone on yet another trip for work.

Not that the half mary training is a one shot deal...but it's been interesting trying to keep up with it and everything else.  Although life finally feels like it's settling down from the end of the summer.  Tri training was going on about 6 days a week.  And as much as I loved all the working out, it feels really good to sleep in on Saturdays and go running when I feel like it versus waking up at 5am just to get some food in me to do a 7:30am brick.  I will be heading to the pool one AM a week just because it's a nice non-impact exercise and I enjoy the time swimming back and forth.  Now to just work on my speed for next year!

The new job is awesome.  It's the one I've been aching to get back to for the last two years.  I was dreading my return from vacation and hearing that I was going to be going back to what I was doing.  But - magic happened while I was away and WOW!  new job!  Travel is picking up for the fall with the new job, but that's all good.  I'm excited to be doing something I enjoy again.

Vacation was delightful.  We did a 2 week cruise in Northern Europe....two norway stops, faroe islands, shetland islands, reykjavik, glasgow, belfast and dublin.  Oh my!  It was a nice trip...but I'm seriously done with cruising except for an alaska cruise.  I think I said that last year too, but this year I mean it!  I think the only thing that I really enjoy about cruising are the port stops.  And I really don't enjoy being on a schedule for rushing back to the ship at a given time.  THe med (2009) was quite different from this trip - there was culture and history at every port.  This time, the towns were simply towns (very picturesque towns) and to really see anything, we had to do excursions to get us out of town.  Photos later...

Fall is really zooming by here.  I can't believe it's already November.  Costco has (as always) had christmas stuff up since September.  This proves to be another busy month.  I'm heading to Eau Claire, WI next weekend to help celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday.  I get home Sunday and then head out Monday to Norfolk, VA.  Then we're talking Thanksgiving and then December.  Wow!


  1. Ah! I didn't realize it was your bday last week! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Sorry I've been so out of touch, but what's the new job that you're so excited about? You're pretty vague in this post so if you can't say I understand.